I decided that our old sofa needed an update. It needs completely re-upholstering if I'm honest but that needs to wait for a little while yet - especially as the cat is intent on savaging the corners at any opportunity she gets!

You'd think working for an upholstery supplies business that all of my sofas would be "shod" appropriately, but no. Isn't there a saying about cobblers children or something? Anyway, my excuse is that I needed to show you how to replace old furniture legs and I couldn't do that if they were all shiny and new could I?!

Anyway, here's the before: A boring brown sofa from Habitat. Very old and HORRIBLE legs. Very comfy though.









It was crying out for the lovely Summer legs. Gorgeous oiled oak. Don't be alarmed when you unpack the box! It proves they're oiled :-)









Then it's just a case of unscrewing the old legs and screwing in the new ones. It couldn't be any easier! Just make sure you get the right dowel size - European is 10mm size, microsuede tends to be European so that'll usually be 10mm, as mine was. Standard is 8mm so if your sofa is a more traditional one, chances are it'll be an 8mm dowel.










The finished product, it's not going to win any beauty contests but it looks soooo much better with those lovely legs! I can put up with it for now until I decide what to re-upholster it with. I'll still keep the legs though, they've given a little bit more height and just look fab.










Sofa-leg Sofa-after



Have you added new legs to your furniture? Send us your pics, we'd love to see them!