We absolutely love it when you share your creations with us, whether that’s a beautiful DIY side-table, or a professionally upholstered sofa. 

We regularly feature your hard work across our social media and in our newsletter, and we are always on the lookout for more.

So, if you’ve just finished up your latest creation and it features one of our furniture legs, brass cups, castor wheels (or any other upholstery supplies that we offer) then we want to hear from you. 

Ready to share it with us? Here’s how:

  • Get a great snap of your DIY project. Don’t be shy, take a few snaps and get a good angle. 
  • Send it to us, either on social media or via email - just send them to [email protected]
  • We’ll be in touch with a thank you note.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for a future update from us featuring your projects.

Here’s just a few examples of the great projects we’ve shared recently. We can’t wait to see your next creation!

Furniture legs with brass cups

                   Image Credit: Ali Elam                                                                              Image Credit: Sarah Maciver


Image Credit: Melanie Lissack interiors - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melanielissackinteriors)


Image Credit: Sue van Oldenborgh - Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/suvano/)