1. Guest Post | Inside Story: Triangles and Diamonds

    There’s a surprising amount of work going on with this occasional chair (as with many things handmade) and the simplicity of the finished piece masks a myriad of internal goings on below, or as Jess would say, ‘under the hood’. It still...
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  2. Build Your Own Table for Less with Unfinished Furniture

    Build Your Own Table for Less with Unfinished Furniture

    Are you handy around the house? Do you think you can handcraft your own dining or coffee table? If you said no to either or both of these questions, don’t worry, a lot of other people said no as well...
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  3. How to Firm-Up Your Sofa and Chair Cushions Part II

    Welcome back, we are going to finish up our look at how to firm-up your old sofa and chair cushions the right way. If you recall from the previous post, we have already removed our cushions, measured them and ordered...
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  4. How to Firm-Up Your Sofa and Chair Cushions

    How to Firm-Up Your Sofa and Chair Cushions

    When your old sofa starts to sag, do you dread the idea of having to buy a new one? The endless shopping and driving around to find just the right sofa at just the right price. The trouble is, none...
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  5. Replace or Reupholster Your Furniture?

    Furniture, something that we all have and that none of us can live without. When you stop and think about it for a minute, your furniture is one of the most used items in your home. Whereas your car might...
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  6. Should You Reupholster Antique Furniture?

    An antique piece of furniture can be a quirky, eclectic and timeless all at the same time. It can be beautiful and dainty, or strong and stable. With all of these differences, there is one factor that is the same...
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  7. Reupholster Your Furniture to Match Changing Styles

    When clothing styles change, we buy a new wardrobe, but what about when home style changes? Does that mean we have to go out and buy new furniture? And what about the furniture we already have? What do we do...
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  8. Does Reupholstering Your Furniture Help the Environment?

    In today’s world, we are all trying to be more environmentally friendly and waste less of our natural resources. We are choosing reusable, recyclable products that will help keep more waste out of our landfills and just keep our cities...
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  9. How to give your upholstery a spring clean!

    How to give your upholstery a spring clean!

    It's that time of year again where we like to give our houses a good old fashioned spring clean. But where to start? Are you dreading tackling that grease stain on the sofa? Here's some tips and ideas to get...
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  10. About Our Wooden Furniture Feet

    About Our Wooden Furniture Feet

        Here at Heritage Components we have a huge range of wooden furniture feet, aimed at every taste. Its a great way to refresh, update and modernise your furniture in a very simple but effective way! Click here for...
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