Brushed Nickel Round Trim Castor and Curved Wheel with 8mm Threaded Bolt (UK)

Brushed Nickel Round Trim Castor and Curved Wheel


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Brushed Nickel Castor with 8mm Threaded Bolt - Total height from the bottom of the wheel to the top of the cup is 65mm. The internal width at the top of the cup is 30mm. The threaded bolt is 170mm as standard with approximately 50mm passing through the cup and wheel. Please note that any length can be manufactured, please contact us if you need a different length than those shown.

Brushed Nickel Round trim castor with curved wheel and an 8mm threaded bolt. Can be fitted to wooden legs or directly to the furniture frame to give a classic look to your sofa, chair or bed. This is a solid brass castor with a smooth, clean, brushed nickel finish. Popular with furniture manufacturers, upholsterers and interior designers. The cup, frame and wheel are all solid brass making it a heavy duty castor suitable for any application. Sold individually. Full dimensions and specifications for the castors are at the bottom of this page.

The castors with a threaded bolt (often described as a dowel screw or hanger bolt) are used with furniture legs to make industry standard furniture legs with castors, with the bolt passing all the way through the castor, castor cup and furniture leg to create strong, quality furniture legs with castors, capable of taking heavy weights. These castors can also be fitted directly to furniture if preferred. T-Nuts are included free with each castor, and alternative furniture leg fixings are available to ensure all of our European, UK and International customers can securely fit these castors.

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